Admissions Process

What to expect when applying to NVIS

We welcome applications from parents/guardians of students who want to be part of our international family.
Our EASY admissions process is designed to be as simple as possible to complete. It is also intended to be transparent so that you, the family, know the status of your application at every point.
Please telephone us at +974 3038 5685 if you have questions at any point in the process.

Our EASY admissions process

Use our website to apply at northview school
Parents/guardians complete and submit their initial application. Initial applications are free at all Artemis Education schools.

Stage 1 

Initial applications will be called forward whenever possible, according to the school’s needs. Additional information will be requested to allow the application to be assessed.

The more complete the upload, the faster your application can be processed. We are here to help you; please get in touch with us if you are missing any documents.

Applications will only be assessed if there is a real chance of a place at Northview International School.

Once all records have been uploaded, we will review your application and documents. We will notify you as a parent/guardian as to whether the application is successful or whether it has not met the entrance criteria.

 When considering all applicants, we consider our program’s suitability for your child, the availability of vacancies in their year group, whether they can access the curriculum, whether they need learning support and the school’s needs.

  • Applying does not guarantee acceptance, and NVIS operates an Admissions policy available here.
  • Children may enter a ‘waiting pool’ if NVIS does not have places public in a year group.


Stage 2 

 If your application is successful at Stage 1, we will arrange for a placement test. It will be a written or speaking test or an interview, depending on your child’s age and any particular circumstances. At least one parent/guardian is required to attend the placement test.

We validate your documents, determine the skills of your child based on the placement test, and decide what age group is most appropriate for them. If there are places at the school, a place will be awarded; if NVIS does not have places available in a year group, your child will be held in our Waiting Pool.

We inform you of our decision of ‘accept, waiting pool or decline’ as soon as possible and send you a written offer. Please respond as quickly as possible.
For all new students accepted to NVIS, there are two charges payable on the offer of a place:
  1.  A non-refundable one-time registration fee of QR 2,500 QAR.
  2. An advance deposit of QR 3,000 for the first term’s fees which will be deducted from the first invoice

Welcome to our family!

Please find your family’s welcome pack containing tuition fees and extras, family policies and school rules that will have to be signed and agreed by the Parents/guardians.


We’re proud of what we’re able to offer at Northview International School, but don’t just take our word for it. Come see for yourself! 

We look forward to welcoming you and showing you around, answering any questions you may have.

Principal at Northview International School

Sheldon Smith

Founding Principal


Louise Kelbie

Deputy Head of Kindergarten
& Elementary

Paul Bakewell

Deputy Head of Elementary & Middle School

Salwa Saleh

School Registrar