School Life

What could a typical day look like?

As a student at Northview International School, your child is a valued member of a vibrant, inclusive school community, supported by a caring team of experienced teachers and teaching assistants.

Our Kindergarten children start the day with a warm welcome and a smile from their teachers and friends. We encourage children to move their bodies to help them get ready for learning! This might be a yoga stretch or a short dance session, or even a mini workout! Our youngest Kindergarteners will sing songs and rhymes and re-enact stories too. Children will then participate in a language art learning workshop which could be Story Baskets, Scribble Club, Drawing Club or Phonics.

After snack, children explore the lovely indoor and outdoor learning landscapes, they may choose to access the atelier workshop area and sculpt with clay, paint using watercolors, or design, create and join materials together using many different tools and medias openly available to them. Others may construct and build structures or enjoy sand and water play outside.

After lunch, children participate in another adult-led learning workshop with their teachers, usually focusing on Math and Science or our especially important Eco-projects in which they will learn about caring for our Earth, lands, and seas as well as everyone and everything that inhabits these places.

Once the day is ready to end, children have sharing time, where they can contribute to their online journals, or our learning project books. This time also allows children to celebrate their learning from the day and talk about it within the group. Sometimes, the children like to share their made-up stories on the stage, bringing them to life by acting them out to an audience.

Each day sees our pupils participating in lessons covering our core subjects where they build on their essential foundational knowledge, providing them with the necessary skills that allow them to gain a greater understanding of the application of these concepts. Most mornings, our students take part in formalized lessons in both Math and English. Many lessons are enquiry-based with opportunities for independent exploration. Additionally, children will also have a lesson focused on consolidating and enhancing a range of their core skills from reading and comprehension to spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as number and mathematical understanding. Pupils will also have the opportunity to explore the library to embrace a love for reading.

After the lunch break, our pupils will delve into topic-based lessons supporting our aim to respect the environment through sustainability and caring for those around them. All pupils carry out eco tasks each day that differ for each grade.

Most days, children will have PE lessons as promoting a healthy lifestyle is incredibly beneficial to a positive mental attitude. It is fantastic to see a love for sport develop in our pupils and this is enhanced after school with some of the sports clubs and activities children can attend and take part in during the week.